The Cold War Gallery in Riverside, Ohio provides an educational and entertaining insight into the history of the Cold War. Visitors will find interactive displays, a fully restored 1950s-style diner, and more than 10,000 artifacts documenting the events of this period. The gallery offers virtual reality tours that allow people to explore a unique perspective into the Cold War era. Additionally, they provide guided tours led by expert docents who can provide additional insights along with entertaining anecdotes. Whether you’re looking for an exciting day trip or a fascinating exploration of history, the Cold War Gallery is an ideal destination.

What To Do

The Cold War Gallery is a must-see destination for history and military enthusiasts. This interactive museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of global conflicts during the Cold War. It features more than 200 artifacts that showcase weapons, aviation displays and equipment used by both sides of the conflict, as well as numerous graphical representations of important events. Visitors to the Cold War Gallery can also explore detailed models and interact with touch screen exhibits to learn how the outcomes of specific military battles unfolded during this period in history. There are even video interviews with people who were part of key events such as Vietnam and Korea. With so much to explore and discover, the Cold War Gallery is an ideal place to spend an afternoon learning more about this fascinating period in time.


The Cold War Gallery offers a fascinating look into the history of the Cold War era. With its vast array of artifacts and life-size replica satellite installations, visitors can learn about the dynamics that defined cold war enemies and allies. The gallery also contains several interactive screens to help bring the time period to life. When you’re finished exploring, treat yourself to a delicious meal from either the cafe or marketplace located in the museum campus. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Cold War Gallery, you won’t be disappointed! With their extensive collection of cultural artifacts from the period and their rotating exhibitions by local and international artists, there’s something for everyone. Every visit reveals fresh new perspectives on the history and culture of this iconic historical moment. Step back in time and explore how life was lived during the Cold War through interactive, informative displays. The gallery also features a unique gift shop with one-of-a-kind reproductions from that era. Plan your visit today – witness firsthand how the past continues to shape our future!

Overall, the Cold War Gallery offers a comprehensive and thoughtful exploration of one of the defining moments in world history. The gallery takes visitors on a captivating journey through the post-WWII era and delves deep into the culture, politics and technology of the period. Through interactive activities, videos and audio recordings that bring us right into the middle of historic events like Sputnik launch or Chernobyl meltdown, visitors get an insightful glimpse into what life was like during those times. In addition to understanding history from a different perspective, this unique destination also teaches fascinating lessons about how our past can shape our future. Whether you’re interested in learning about our country’s Cold War history or simply looking for an intriguing way to spend time with family and friends, there’s no doubt that a visit to the Cold War Gallery is worth your time.


Additionally, if you’re a history buff and have been looking for a unique way to explore the WWII era, then consider visiting the World War II Gallery. Located along Main Street in the Lorain County Historical Society building, the gallery features period artifacts and materials such as letters, documents, photos, weapons, and uniforms. The gallery also offers insight into area history including factories that produced parts used in ships and planes. If you get the chance to visit this special place then be sure to take time exploring the many interactive displays celebrating lives of veterans who lived during World War II.

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