Xenia Southwest is a vibrant neighborhood located in Xenia, OH. This residential area has been experiencing a revival over the past few years as it increasingly becomes an attractive place for families and individuals to call home. Here, one can enjoy plenty of green space in the form of parks, playgrounds and trails while also taking advantage of the shopping, dining and entertainment experiences conveniently within walking distance. 

What’s more, the district boasts a monthly Farmers Market which offers fresh produce, baked goods, handmade crafts, and other local specialties during the warmer months. With its commitment to both an enjoyable lifestyle and community-building initiatives such as volunteerism and charitable causes, Xenia Southwest really is a perfect place to live.


Xenia Southwest is a convenient and comfortable place to live that is home to over 1,000 people, the population is mostly diverse with Hispanics comprising 24.1% of households, while whites make up 41.0%, African-Americans are attributed to 29.3%, Asians at 4.3%, and other races making up 1.1%. In addition, roughly 20% of residents rent their homes while the rest own them – an equal split between homeowners at 51.6% and renters at 48.4%. Finally, slightly more than half of households are families with children under the age 18 (51%) while the remaining 49% has no kids living in their home; median household incomes in 2017 for this very same area amounted to $45,657 per year —approximately $15k higher than Ohio’s median annual income for that year ($31,489).


The education options available in the Xenia Southwest are one of its greatest assets. Students in this area attend schools within the Xenia Community School District, which have a longstanding reputation for providing quality, comprehensive instruction from kindergarten through high school. The district has also received awards and recognition for their progressive digital education initiatives as well as special programming geared towards college readiness and career-building skills. In general, families who live in Xenia Southwest can expect to receive a top-notch education that prepares students for a future filled with unlimited possibilities.


Xenia Southwest is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with many wonderful attractions to explore. Tourists who visit the area can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as bird watching, fishing, and hiking at Caesar Creek Lake Park or visit nearby shopping centers and restaurants. There are many historical sites to learn about with guided tours led by local historians or participate in the Arts Weekend at Xenia Station with live music, theater performances, art shows and more.

Xenia Southwest has established itself as a great neighborhood for those who are looking for an affordable and friendly place to live. With a variety of housing options and easy access to local amenities like stores, parks, and schools, it’s no wonder so many people call Xenia Southwest their home. Plus, its close proximity to neighboring towns provides easy access to further entertainment and activities. Overall, living in Xenia Southwest has plenty to offer for any type of resident.


Furthermore, if you’re looking for a neighborhood close to the sights and city of Xenia, OH, then Xenia East is a great option. You’ll find that it’s conveniently located, with shops and restaurants just a short drive away. Plus, you can take advantage of various community activities at the local park nearby. Spend time outdoors, connect with your neighbors or get involved in the local scene! If you’re looking for somewhere special to build a home and make memories, Xenia East has everything you need.

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