Brittany Etienne

Brittany Etienne is the current President and Owner of WIW Enterprises Inc. She learned the business from both her father and mother and has been the sole owner since 2010. She carries on her family's traditions of honesty and integrity in business and fantastic customer service. She met her husband, EJ, who is a roofer by trade and who had been mentored by his uncle and worked as a roofer from the time he was a teenager, and they took what originally was a waterproofing company and turned it into a successful and thriving roofing, siding, and gutters business. She is proud to run a business that helps not only her hometown but the surrounding area. Brittany is also the mom of four beautiful children and can often be seen running around with one or the other of them doing errands for WIW Enterprises Inc.

EJ Etienne

EJ Etienne is the Vice-President of WIW Enterprises Inc., and he is our Estimator and Project Manager. EJ has been in the roofing business for as long as he can remember and once was laughed at in high school when they asked him what he wanted to be when he graduated and he said a roofer. His dedication and love of the job is bone deep, and there is nothing else he'd rather do. He brings that enthusiasm and attention to detail to each roofing job and makes sure our customers get everything they ask for and everything they need. He and Brittany have been married for 7 years.

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