Beavercreek South is a vibrant neighborhood in Beavercreek, Ohio. Home to lovely parks and nearby shops, there’s no wonder why it has become a popular destination for those looking to settle in the area. With friendly locals, fantastic city services, and convenient location, you’ll face no shortage of reasons to love your life here. From beautiful gardens at Argus Park to numerous green spaces that provide opportunities for hiking and biking paths, you’ll find many amazing ways to make the most of your free time. The charm of Beavercreek South lies in its sense of community; there are plenty of opportunities to interact with friends and neighbors while still feeling right at home.


Beavercreek South is a vibrant neighborhood that is home to a population of 10,614, which is primarily older adults and children under the age of 18. The average citizen earns an income of $75,024 per year. 95% of the population reports being part of two-parent households – disproving the theory that two-parent households are declining in this country. 70% of adults living in Beavercreek South hold at least a four-year degree. As far as diversity goes, 74% of the population identifies as White and 11% identify as Hispanic or Latino.


Beavercreek South is an affluent neighborhood that boasts an impressive education system, one that stands out from the rest of Beavercreek. Schools in this area have some of the highest test scores in the state and consistently receive glowing reviews. Moreover, Beavercreek South also has a high graduation rate; according to recent statistics, 98 percent of students successfully finish their degree at their respective schools within four years. The education system in this area is certainly exemplary and well worth looking into for those considering a move to Beavercreek South.


Beavercreek South is an exciting area to visit with a variety of well-maintained nature trails, parks, and activities for everyone to enjoy. For more family fun, the nearby Ice Arena offers hockey, curling and sledding during the winter months; for those who love the outdoors, a golf course and outdoor pool are conveniently located nearby with breathtaking views of the local landscape. Shopping enthusiasts will also be delighted by all of the unique boutique stores that populate the area. A talented community orchestra regularly performs at various locations which can often be seen while exploring Beavercreek South’s charming streets.

Overall, Beavercreek South is a desirable neighborhood thanks to its great location, convenient amenities, and friendly residents. Centrally located nearby popular grocery stores and restaurants, residents of this area have access to all the necessities they need daily. In addition, the spacious homes and cozy streets make for an inviting place to live. This means that homeowners appreciate their surrounding views, and neighbors enjoy talking to one another in their down time.


Additionally, if you are looking for a welcoming community to call home, then look no further than Zimmerman. Conveniently situated off of I-675 and close to major business districts and airports, Zimmerman offers an array of attractions such as local parks, restaurants and shopping options. This tight-knit community is the perfect choice for young professionals and families alike with its modern amenities combined with a safe and friendly atmosphere. A mix of both historic homes and newly built dwellings provide attractive housing options for those interested in this peaceful suburb.

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