Choosing the finest solution for your home’s exterior is difficult. You have the option of hiring a contractor who puts quality work over price. Everything depends on the qualities you value most in a contractor.

It might be challenging to choose a contractor for your project when there are so many options available. Here are five suggestions to assist you in making the best choice:


1. Conduct research

You must thoroughly vet prospective contractors before hiring them.

Start by asking your loved ones if they can recommend any reliable siding contractors. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to locate someone who has had work done in the past and can guide you.

After you have created a list of potential contractors, check reviews written by actual customers on websites like Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor to get a precise assessment of their work and customer service. You can very much tell if a contractor would be a good fit for your job based on the criticism they receive, which tends to be more critical of their work and customer service.

Call to schedule appointments for potential contractors to provide you with estimates after you have narrowed down your list of candidates. Ask them about their background and the strategies they would employ to make your home better while they are there.

Once you have all the quotes, carefully examine them, and pick the contractor you believe is most qualified for the project and offers a fair price.


2. Experience and Expertise

Naturally, you would want someone with experience in the business who understands what they are doing when you are ready to employ someone to replace the siding on your home. The ideal contractor will know which techniques lead to quicker completion times in addition to having access to the right resources.

At your neighborhood hardware shop, you can typically locate a general contractor for small repairs. But if you want siding installed, you’ll probably need to find a contractor with the necessary training and experience. These professionals offer a wide range of services, including building decks, windows, and doors, to mention a few. Examples of such firms include TrimTech or CertainTeed, both of whom are experts in installing vinyl siding.

Here are some recommendations to make sure your potential contractor has the required experience:

Any contractor worth his salt won’t hesitate to show you instances of prior jobs from their portfolio that are comparable to yours. You can assess the caliber of their prior work and get an idea of what to anticipate by doing this.

Ask for references from a contractor’s prior customers to determine their competence. Once you have these people’s names, get in touch with them and find out about each one’s experiences working with the aforementioned contractor.

Why not get feedback from the former client regarding how happy they were with the project’s results? You should also get a breakdown of all prices and ask about any potential challenges. You can then decide whether or not to hire this contractor again in the future with confidence.

Verify the duration of the contractor’s existence. If they suddenly appeared, there is a higher likelihood that they are inexperienced and new to the field.


3. License and Insurance

A contractor must be hired to install new siding. Make sure the person you choose has all necessary credentials and insurance.

Make sure they have a valid state contractor’s license before hiring them if you want someone you can trust. Since each state has its own requirements for qualified contractors, this will at least let you know that they adhere to some base minimums.

Examine the insurance coverage of your contractor to confirm their suitability. An excellent firm will have workers’ compensation and liability insurance, which guards you against any harm or accidents that might happen during the installation procedure. Additionally, this policy provides benefits in the event that an employee becomes ill or is injured at work.

The majority of siding contractors are general contractors, which enables them to do a wide range of construction tasks. Due to the frequent overlap between installing siding and roofs, several jurisdictions additionally demand that companies obtain a roofing license before beginning to take on side jobs.


4. Interview Contractors

First impressions are crucial, and frequently, potential buyers or tenants will focus on the exterior of your home. Siding contractors may assist in enhancing the curb appeal of your property by either putting in new siding or fixing any damage. Ask the following questions and make sure to gather quotations from different companies before choosing a contractor:

What kind of material is the siding made of?

If you hire a contractor that is experienced in their field, they should be able to guide you in selecting the sort of siding that is most suitable for your house. Brick, for instance, will not fade as much as wood siding will with time.

Do you have any experience with the type of siding that I’m looking at purchasing?

Because installation of some types of siding might be challenging, not every contractor will be able to provide you with the ability to install the siding you want. If this is the case with the contractor you are conversing with, you should inquire as to whether or not they know of any other contractors who are capable of managing the installation.

What is your warranty? 

Because siding is an investment with a long time horizon, it is imperative that you select a material that is durable. If the contractor offers a solid warranty, it may be worthwhile to spend a little extra money on siding of a higher quality.

How long will it take to complete the installation?

The amount of time necessary to install siding is dependent on a number of different factors. Some examples include the dimensions of the windows and the number of entrances on your property. If you are planning to install new siding, make sure to get an estimate from your contractor.

How much will it cost? 

When you are attempting to decide whether or not you want siding installed on your home, one key question to ask your contractor is how much money the process will cost. If they try to avoid providing you a price quote, it could be an indication that they do not have sufficient experience for the project. Before moving forward with the installation of new siding, you should ensure that you have a realistic quote in hand before making any judgments.

Do you have any pictures of past work?

Check over a contractor’s previous work to get a sense of the quality of their work and to see if it meets the criteria you have set for it before you spend money on new siding. If a person displays their work in a gallery, it is likely that they are proud of it and are knowledgeable about the materials that were used, which means that you can be confident that the item you buy will be worth the money.



The process of employing a siding contractor does not need to be difficult. You need only check that they satisfy the requirements on this list, and then you’ll be set to go. And if you are looking for the best of the best, WIW Roofing is more than delighted to assist you in any way they can!

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