The Springboro Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation and research of historic buildings and artifacts near Springboro, Ohio. Founded in 1973 by several local community members, the goal of the organization has always been to ensure future generations have an opportunity to experience the history of their hometown. The society’s collection consists of items such as furniture, photographs, oral histories, and maps that provide insight into how life was lived in this small town over a century ago. They are also known for their educational programs which include lectures on local history and hands-on activities, allowing visitors to experience life from a more tactile perspective. If you’re ever in Springboro, Ohio be sure to check out the Springboro Historical Society and all of their wonderful exhibits!

What To Do

Springboro Historical Society offers a wealth of activities for those interested in history and local lore. Home to numerous artifacts from the region’s unique past, the Society provides guided tours and archives easy to access online. Visitors can learn about the founding of historic towns like Franklin, Rogue’s Hollow, and Zipville and trace their lineage through available genealogical databases. The Society also boasts an education center that features classes and special instruction on topics such as railroad safety laws, folk music and dancing, covered bridge construction techniques, quilting, and more. With a variety of activities available both on-site and virtually, there is something for everyone at Springboro Historical Society.


The Springboro Historical Society is a great destination for those interested in learning about the history of the town. It offers ongoing exhibits and events that provide insight into significant aspects of local history. Visitors can take virtual tours to explore the culture and heritage of Springboro, explore artifacts like traditional tools and wearables from bygone eras, and learn about the settlement patterns of early settlers. The museum also contains rotating photographic exhibits that provide context to the social issues, life experiences, and living conditions of the town’s earliest inhabitants. In addition to the museum programming, other activities and events hosted onsite include lecture series, author readings, school immersion programs, re-enactments, and hands-on activities such as cooking demonstrations or quilting. The Springboro Historical Society is an invaluable resource with much to offer any interested visitor.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Springboro Historical Society, you will have the opportunity to explore and learn about a fascinating part of Ontario’s history. The museum features an impressive collection of artifacts from across the region – from antique books and art to clothing and inventions from past eras. The museum also offers guided tours to give visitors an interactive and enjoyable experience. The knowledgeable staff at the Springboro Historical Society are dedicated to teaching people about the history of their area, so be sure to take advantage of them during your visit! Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for something fun to do on an afternoon, visiting Springboro Historical Society is sure to be an educational and enjoyable adventure.

Overall, the Springboro Historical Society offers an excellent look into the history of the city of Springboro in a format that is easy to understand and enjoy. They are dedicated to preserving the past for future generations and provide a range of educational opportunities for visitors. From traditional walking tours to interactive activities, there is something for everyone to learn about Springboro’s unique and vibrant history. Visit the Springboro Historical Society today to explore this great corner of Ohio.


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