Springboro West is an award-winning neighborhood near Springboro, OH. It is the proud winner of the 2017 Ohio Neighborhood of the Year Award and has been featured in leading lifestyle magazines. With scenic walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and abundant green spaces, it’s no wonder why it was chosen for this prestigious honor. Not to mention that each home in this neighborhood offers energy efficient designs and superior luxury amenities. So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to call home that also provides an abundance of outdoor activities, then you can’t go wrong with Springboro West.


Springboro West embodies an energetic sense of community. It is home to an estimated 3,273 individuals from diverse backgrounds, majority of whom are families with children. The population comprises professionals, the service industry workforce and the elderly living in houses and other dwellings. With 61 percent of residents speaking English at home and the remaining 39 percent covering several languages including Chinese and Spanish; the neighborhood reflects a diverse and harmonious picture. The racial makeup ranges over white (88.4%), two or more races (4%), Asian/Pacific Islander (2%) and other ethnicities as well. Residents in this area tend to have moderate political views with 71% registered to vote as either Democratic or Independent-leaning voters. Its convenient location makes it popular among the young working class that seek spacious living at comparatively lower costs than nearby cities such as Wilmington therefore making it a suitable place for growing families looking to buy their first home.


Springboro West’s education system is the envy of the community. Every school in the area meets the Ohio state standards for quality learning and preparedness, boasting an average student graduation rate of 91%, higher than both state and national averages. Students have access to college-level courses starting in eighth grade, and a variety of afterschool programs aimed at developing different talents and interests. Furthermore, parents can easily be involved in their child’s education due to engaged teachers willing to keep open lines of communication. With such robust educational resources, students graduating from Springboro West will have all they need to be successful in their academic and personal endeavors.


Springboro West is the perfect neighborhood to visit. Boasting beautiful green space, numerous local stores and restaurants, and a vibrant arts community, this cozy corner of town has something for everyone. Here you can find rewarding explorations of the outdoors or cultural activities such as galleries, pop-up street music festivals, and renowned local theater offerings – all guaranteed to provide plenty of interesting things to do. There are also a few charming bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals available for those who prefer accommodations over striking out on their own personal experience. It’s no wonder tourists flock to this amazing pocket of Ohio – guests can delight in the classic natural beauty while reveling in some pampering and comforts during springtime in Springboro West!

Overall, Springboro West is a great place to be. With its close proximity to great schools, parks, and shops, this neighborhood makes it easy to have an enjoyable life without ever needing to leave the area. Nearby restaurants provide plenty of diverse dining options, while a variety of recreational activities are offered close by. Overall, this is a wonderful area for families and individuals alike who desire convenience and an ideal living situation.


However, if you’re looking for a small home town with big city amenities, look no further than Brookside. With major highways leading straight to the heart of the quintessential American town, you can easily access local shops, delicious eateries, and historical sites that help you appreciate the roots of Brookside. If outdoor activities are more your cup of tea then make sure to take a walk through Henry Brown Park – a local favorite filled with trails, lawn games, and lots of green grass perfect for sunbathing or picnicking with friends. No matter how you spend your days in Brookside – one thing’s for sure; the homey atmosphere and southern hospitality ensure everyone finds just what they were looking for.

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