Step 1:  Contact a reputable insurance restoration contractor to inspect and document the damage to your property.

Step 2: Sign a service agreement with the contractor to allow them to negotiate the scope of loss and estimate with the adjuster.

Step 3: File your claim online, clearly outlining the damage and its cause. The adjuster will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an inspection of your property.

Step 4: The contractor will accompany the adjuster during the inspection, documenting the process through photos and video.

Step 5: The contractor and adjuster will create an estimate using the same software to compare and agree on the necessary steps and cost to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Step 6: Once a price agreement is reached between the contractor and the insurance company, the contractor will schedule a time to collect the deductible and the ACV check, and discuss any upgrades to our preferred warranty.

Step 7: The contractor will schedule the work to be done promptly and file any additional supplements needed during the completion of the job.

Step 8: Once the work is completed, the homeowner will sign a completion form to release the remaining funds and any additional supplements.

Step 9: The contractor will schedule a time to collect the final payment.

Step 10: The homeowner is encouraged to leave a review of the contractor on Google to help other homeowners choose the right roofer.

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