You won’t go to court without a lawyer, so why would you go to your insurance company without one?

As heavy rain and windstorms roll across the country, many properties will sustain storm damage, including roof damage. Your initial inclination may be to contact your insurance company, but since insurance companies often reject these claims, they also suggest contacting a local roofing specialist.

You should be working with a roofing contractor to make an insurance claim for many reasons.

Inspect for Damage

Having a professional evaluate your roof can guarantee that the damage does not cause more problems in your house. A roof leak may quickly cause rotted rafters and decking, mold development, and sheetrock damage to your roof system. A roofer may inspect all the damage and take precautionary steps to prevent leaks from causing more damage.

Examine Storm Damage

A roofer will also be able to detect problems that you may be unable to see. Most storm damage to your roof will be invisible from the ground. Even if you climb a ladder to your roof (which is not advisable), you may not know where or what to look for. A professional roof inspection will enable someone with a trained eye to check the roof for storm damage.

When it comes to storm damage, a skilled roofer will know what to check for. In situations of wind damage, they will search for wrinkled shingles and dents from hail storm damage.

Record Storm Damage

A roofing firm will document each house inspection by posting images and damage details to our online project report portal. They may use the program to arrange high-quality photographs and create a timetable for each project for each homeowner. An inspection will also enable your roofer to chalk mark the areas of roof damage, which will help your insurance company record the damage.

Assist with Insurance Claims

The incredible thing about having a roofer on your side when filing an insurance claim is how much they simplify the process. Insurance companies demand photographs and thorough documentation of the damage. When you hire a roofing contractor, you can be confident that their reports are officially certified, and your insurance company will not be able to disregard them.

Consult Your Insurance Adjuster

The meeting with the insurance adjuster is the most critical moment to have a competent roofer working on your insurance claim. A roofing company will meet with your adjuster and present them with the storm damage evidence.

While insurance adjusters may have dealt with claims in the past, they are not qualified roofing specialists. As a homeowner, you want someone with building experience who understands what they’re looking at to represent you to your insurance carrier.

When to Hire Professionals

A severe storm might harm the condition of your roof. Therefore, it is essential to have a professional assessment performed to evaluate any damage. Hiring a skilled roofing contractor can simplify and expedite the insurance procedure while saving you money.

Final Thoughts

When filing an insurance claim, having a roofer on your side may be helpful. A skilled roofer can evaluate, assess, and record the damage for the insurance company. They will also assist you with the insurance procedure, meeting with adjusters, and ensuring that your claim is approved. Do not attempt to file an insurance claim on your own; instead, seek the aid of a professional roofing contractor.

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