Trebein is a unique neighborhood in Beavercreek, Ohio. Boasting lush natural scenery, this community maintains acclaimed qualities of country living while being close to the conveniences of urban life. Trebein Field is one of the highlights and offers many outdoor recreational activities such as tennis and pickleball. The trails around Cottonwood Creek are popular among hikers and bikers looking to explore the diverse wildlife. For those seeking restaurants and culture, nearby cities provide plenty of options for terrific dining experiences, great entertainment, and exciting shopping centers.


Trebein is an elegant neighborhood that has plenty to offer. According to the most recent census data, most households are married couples (74%), followed by single-parent households (12%) and non-family homes (9%). The average household size in Trebein is 3.2 people, which is slightly larger than the Beavercreek average of 2.9 people per household. Additionally, Trebein’s population skews slightly older than Beavercreek with a median age of 43 years compared to 37 years for the entire city. Unsurprisingly, considering its location on a hilltop, Trebein also revolves around suburban living with 93% of the homes being occupied by owner-occupiers and over 67% of the population being involved in some kind of white-collar employment.


The education opportunities in Trebein are outstandingly varied and advanced. With the school district’s emphasis on rigor and enrichment, students from Pre-K through 12th grade have an array of options to choose from. All elementary and middle schools within the district receive top ratings, with college-prep programs built into all the high schools; this assures that students are well-equipped for higher education when it comes time for them to pick a college or university. 

Additionally, Trebein offers a satellite campus of Wright State University with some undergraduate classes available and an adult scholarship program for GED programs. What’s more, there is a unique partnership between this respected neighborhood and Cedarville University where eligible members of the community can take online courses at a considerable discount. When it comes to fulfilling its educational potential, Trebein definitely provides excellent advantages which should not be overlooked.


Trebein is a small, charming neighborhood. With its rustic family homes and friendly locals, many have visited and simply can’t get enough of the tranquil atmosphere in this quaint part of the country. As such, it isn’t uncommon to find tourists on the streets of Trebein as they explore local attractions such as the stunning mural at Lofino Park or the Pemberill Historic Site that has been open since 1836. Other popular activities among travelers include biking around Stillwater Prairie Reserve for incredible nature views and walking along the trails of Sugarcreek MetroPark for healthy outdoor adventures! For those who are looking for tranquility and adventure alike, Trebein got it all.

Overall, Trebein is a great neighborhood for families. With the safe streets, top-notch schools, and plenty of nearby shopping and dining options, it has become a popular destination for many. Besides the day-to-day amenities available, Trebein also provides residents with access to various recreational opportunities such as golf courses and scenic walking trails. Overall, this small village offers an ideal residential atmosphere that is sure to please any family or individual looking for a safe place to call home.


In addition, if you are looking for a community that offers great schools, safety, and a local vibe, The Woods is the perfect place to call home. This neighborhood provides its residents with plenty of parks and hiking trails to explore, as well as award-winning schools and a family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking for shade, The Woods has plenty of trees that provide enough coverage while still allowing a healthy degree of sun exposure throughout the year. 

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