Waterford Drive is one of the main roads in Centerville, Ohio, connecting the heart of the city to many of its surrounding suburbs. As its center hub, Waterford offers a variety of shops, restaurants and other attractions. This historic street has been a major contributor to the diverse culture and thriving economy found in Centerville today. With plenty of parking and easy access to public transportation, this is an ideal destination for both tourists and locals alike looking to make the most out of their visit.

What To Do

Waterford Drive is a great location for locals and visitors alike! There are a variety of activities to do such as bowling at Murillo’s Lanes, shopping at the local stores, or grabbing dinner at Gilligan’s Bar and Grill. For those wanting to stay active, there are plenty of opportunities to explore nearby parks and trails. If you’re looking for a more relaxed activity, try visiting The Complex for laser tag and gaming options. With so much to do on Waterford Drive you are sure to find something fun!


Waterford Drive is a great spot for outdoor exploration and entertainment. Whether it’s biking the towpath along the Miami River, strolling along one of the peaceful parks, or dining out at some of the restaurants dotting the street, there is something for everyone. Those that enjoy history can take a tour of Sunwatch Village and learn about prehistoric times. Nature-lovers will appreciate National Travertine Park and its diverse wildlife and plants. For a bit of excitement, why not visit one of the local escape rooms to see if you can crack their tricky puzzles? With all these options and more around Waterford Drive, it’s no wonder this area remains one of the best attractions in the city year after year.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Waterford Drive there are so many things to do and see! Spend the day admiring artwork from local artists, dining at a variety of delicious restaurants and taking a walk through the scenic parks. When the night falls, head to one of the many bars and pubs for a great time with friends! During your stay in Centerville you won’t be able to resist a shopping spree at all the quaint boutiques. Experience all that Waterford Drive has to offer – you’ll never forget it!

Overall, Waterford Drive is a great place to live. It offers a mix of both rural and metropolitan comforts, with good schools, numerous amenities and plentiful recreational activities nearby. The real estate market is also very healthy here, with increasing values that draw both investors and families looking for a place to settle. Overall, it’s no wonder Waterford Drive remains one of the premier zip codes in Ohio.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a great place to spend some time outdoors, Stubbs Park is a perfect spot. This five-acre park offers plenty of room to roam and explore, with lush green grassy areas, towering trees and winding pathways. Visitors can take advantage of the playground equipment, picnic areas, athletic courts and pavilions scattered throughout the park for some added fun. The centerpiece of Stubbs Park is its Memorial Garden dedicated to honoring veterans of all service branches from any era. If you’re looking for an outdoor escape, look no further than Stubbs Park!

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