Berkley Heights is a charming neighborhood near Oakwood, Ohio that boasts stunning views and tight-knit community. This tree-lined neighborhood provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, as there are several parks and open spaces nearby in addition to trails and scenic walking paths with winding creeks throughout the area. Home to a wonderful selection of local shops and restaurants, Berkley Heights is also close enough to Dayton city center to make commuting into town a breeze. Living in Berkley Heights is truly an unbeatable experience that offers serenity and convenience all at once.


Berkley Heights is a unique neighborhood where approximately 5,000 people have made it their home. According to the most recent US census data, the population age of Berkley Heights is highly diverse with nearly one third aged under 18 and almost six percent aged over 65. From 2004 to 2014 the population of the neighborhood increased by nearly 20%, the largest jump among all other neighborhoods surrounding Oakwood. The median household income for 2016 shows about $69k annually and that figure is expected to increase in future years with more homes being built and home prices generally increasing year-over-year. With each passing year Berkley Heights continues to attract new residents looking for a comfortable place to make their home.


Education is a fundamental component of Berkley Heights. Children living in the area are served by a list of dedicated and engaging public schools, including Avenue Primary School, Central Academy, Chamberlin Early Childhood Center, and Oakwood High School. Furthermore, there are several private schools in the Oakwood area that many students from Berkley Heights attend; The Rider School is one such example. All students receive excellent academic instruction as well as programs to foster leadership skills and community involvement. It’s no wonder Berkley Heights is consistently cited as being one of the best places to raise a family and get an education in Ohio.


Berkley Heights is a unique neighborhood that offers visitors an incredible experience like no other. One of the main things that makes Berkley Heights stand out from other places is its rich cultural and architectural history. Many buildings are over 100 years old and feature interesting structures like synagogues and churches, as well as beautifully designed Victorian homes with intricate details on every corner. 

In addition to historical knowledge, tourists can also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking at nearby nature parks or biking the quaint streets of the village. Shopping and dining experiences can also be found around town, featuring art galleries, eclectic restaurants, and charming boutique shops – all adding to the distinct feel of this charming and picturesque neighborhood.


Furthermore, if you’re looking for a great neighborhood to live in, the Twin Towers is an excellent choice. This area features many lush green spaces such as sprawling parks and leafy trees that make it a great place to go for a pleasant stroll. If you’re looking for amenities close to home, then Twin Towers has you covered; there are multiple grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants within easy reach.

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