Centerville Northeast is an eclectic, vibrant neighborhood in the city of Centerville, Ohio. It offers something for everyone – from boutique shops and eateries to parks and other recreational activities. The area is known for its annually hosted festivities such as art fairs and pool parties in the summertime that bring the whole community together. The nightlife scene here is also well-liked by many visitors and locals. Different musical genres have small concerts scattered throughout the main streets on occasion, with large venues sometimes hosting larger acts. Centerville Northeast is a great place to explore and make memories while doing so.


Centerville Northeast is a residential area with an estimated population of more than 32,000 people and consists of households with an average size of 2.6 members living together. Residents in this neighborhood make up an ethnically diverse community with nearly 33% being white non-Hispanic, 8% African American, 7% Hispanic, and 11 % Asian. Income wise, holders in the area have an average household income that surpasses $90,000 annually, making Centerville Northeast one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Ohio. Additionally, 54% of adults above 25 hold bachelor’s degrees or higher while 84% are high school graduates or higher. All put together these demographics reveal the vibrant diversity amidst a well-educated and financially secure neighborhood in Centerville Northeast, OH.


With multiple primary schools in the Centerville Northeast neighborhood, it is a great place for families with children. The schools are well-maintained and feature modern technologies, libraries, and art programs designed to inspire creativity and promote learning. To ensure students receive a rich education, classes also include music, computer science and foreign language options. Furthermore, students have access to an array of extracurricular activities that are integrated with the core curriculum to teach important life skills such as time management. With such excellent educational facilities available in Centerville Northeast, there can be no doubt that its future generations will be ready to thrive and make wise decisions in their lives.


Centerville Northeast is an up-and-coming area for tourism. This sunny locale is best known for outdoor activities like kayaking on the lake and skiing in the winter. A few of their most popular attractions include the monthly Historic Market Days and the Centerville Museum with its history of Ohio’s rich culture and art exhibitions. With the lovely parks and recreation facilities that have been recently expanded, those who visit this inviting tourist destination will not be short on leisure activities. There is also plenty of delicious regional cuisine to enjoy while taking in the sights of this vibrant community.

Overall, Centerville Northeast is sure to be an attractive area for anyone looking for a warm and welcoming community. With its well-maintained parks, trendy restaurants, and friendly neighbors, Centerville Northeast offers plenty of attractions and amenities. With easy access to nearby highways, getting to downtown Centerville or another part of the city is much simpler than in other neighborhoods. For those looking to move into the area, homes in Centerville Northeast are highly sought after due to their excellent value for money.


In addition, if you’re looking for a central location that has easy access to plenty of activities and amenities, then Woodbourne is the place for you. The area features lovely parks and trails perfect for hiking and biking, along with a variety of shopping centers and delicious cuisine from all around the world. And if you want to take part in local events such as farmers markets or art festivals, you can find those too.

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