Woodbourne is a neighborhood near Centerville, OH that features peaceful residential streets lined with mature trees and family homes. The picturesque setting showcased by the extensive foliage and commitment to community has earned Woodbourne consistent recognition as one of the best areas to live in the city. As an added bonus, plenty of recreation spots are available nearby, including parks, trails, golf courses and lakes while also offering convenient access to restaurants, shopping centers and other modern conveniences. With its combination of natural beauty, desirable amenities and neighborly spirit all around it is not hard to see why Woodbourne is such a beloved part of Centerville.


According to the most recent census figures, Woodbourne has an estimated 11,873 residents comprising 43.6% Hispanics, 32.2% Whites, 14.7% African Americans, 7.9% Asians, and 1.5% other ethnicities. The median household income of the district is $47,877 and 75% of adults aged 25 and over have completed high school or equivalent education; 25%, meanwhile have obtained higher educational attainment such as Bachelor’s degree or above. Furthermore, 15.3% of families are living below the poverty line which is slightly higher than the national average rate of 13%. Such demographics provide an insight into the lives and lifestyles of residents in Woodbourne making it an interesting place for both exploration and understanding for newcomers alike.


Woodbourne, Ohio is a small neighborhood with a growing population. Its location allows for it to have access to some of the finest educational amenities across the state. The schools in Woodbourne emphasize excellence and high achievement, offering a broad range of classes for students to explore their interests. Some students focus on sciences and math, while others find success in language arts or art. Moreover, each school offers an enriching extracurricular program that focuses on developing the well-rounded student. 

The district also provides exceptional after-school programs such as robotics, computer programming and more to help youth stay involved and grow into their passions by learning important skills outside of the classroom environment. All of this combined helps make Woodbourne a vibrant educational hub with ample opportunities presented to its young members.


Woodbourne is a vibrant neighborhood that is known for its many attractions and activities. From miles of green parks and trails to dedicated museums and historical sites, there is something to explore for everyone looking to experience the best of what a trip to Woodbourne has to offer. Visitors can enjoy events like the annual music festival hosted at Calloway Park, or visit galleries and local culinary spots tucked away all over town.

Overall, Woodbourne is a beautiful neighborhood filled with friendly faces. The community enjoys an abundance of amenities nearby, such as restaurants, shops, parks and even a local golf course. Property values are on the rise within Woodbourne, which is helping to attract more homeowners into the area. Woodbourne is a great place to lay down roots and start a family in Centerville.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a great place to live, then Centerville North is worth considering. This pleasant and desirable neighborhood is known as a laid-back residential area with close proximity to shopping centers and major highways. If you enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of parks, trails, and open spaces to explore in the neighborhood. The homes for sale range from small condos to larger single-family dwellings, giving homebuyers lots of options when searching for the perfect residence.

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