Clement is a small neighborhood near Riverside, OH located in the center of town. It’s a quaint area that exudes charm and character; most of the homes were built prior to 1960 and feature unique architecture styles from the era such as Dutch Colonial, West Coast Bungalow, and English Tudor Revival. The neighborhood also includes several pockets of green spaces with lush trees, neatly kept vegetable gardens, and flower beds. Local footpaths create walking loop trails for easy access to nearby local attractions like the bike trail and Pelican Park. Residents enjoy all the wonderful amenities Clement has to offer: restaurants, grocery stores, schools, shops, and special community events that bring neighbors together. All these things make Clement a truly special place to live!


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the majority of those living in Clement are White (75.9%), followed by African American (15%) and Asian (3%). The median age of residents falls at around 33 years old while the median income is just under 40 thousand annually. The average education level within Clement is high school diploma or equivalent with 32% holding higher educational degrees like bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Transportation options in the area include easy access to public transit as well as highways like I-71 and State Route 4 which make commuting into downtown Cincinnati an easy endeavor. Overall, this vibrant community offers a desirable atmosphere along with convenience for its residents to explore what the city has to offer.


Clement is a friendly, diverse neighborhood that believes in the power of education. Families enjoy the small-town feel of Clement and its close proximity to larger cities like Dayton and Cincinnati makes it an ideal place to raise a family. With both public and private schooling available, parents have the option to enroll their children in exceptional educational institutions. Further, organizations like The Ohio State University Extension Office at Greene County provide community programming and resources to help supplement learning experiences outside of traditional school settings. Overall, the educational opportunities in this neighborhood are outstanding, setting the stage for students to develop into engaged citizens who are eager to make positive contributions to their communities.


Clement is a charming and vibrant neighborhood. Known for its unique small-town vibe and bustling main street, this is the perfect destination for those seeking a more relaxed vacation. There’s something for everyone here – from delicious local eateries to exciting art galleries and theaters, Clement’s streets are alive with activities of all types! Visitors also have the opportunity to explore Clement’s diverse cultural heritage through some of its traditional festivals such as the Great Summer Fair or the Annual Fall Festival. With so much to offer, there’s no better way to experience Ohio’s beauty and culture than by visiting Clement!

Overall, the neighborhood of Clement offers a great variety of activities and amenities. Residents are close to downtown Riverside and its bustling atmosphere, providing limitless options to explore. Outdoor enthusiasts delight in the many parks nearby, as well as the area’s natural beauty as seen through its numerous trails. Additionally, this close-knit community boasts events and classes for every member of the family. Overall, Clement is a vibrant place with something for everyone.


In addition, if you’re looking for an up and coming, vibrant neighborhood, then look no further than Riverside South. The area offers numerous attractions, such as several scattered parks throughout the streets and plenty of modern restaurants to satisfy gastronomic cravings. With its close proximity to downtown Riverside and access to several transport hubs makes it a prime location for professional commuters. If you’re seeking to experience additional cultural diversity in the area, Riverside South holds events regularly that include art exhibitions and community festivals that bring together people of all ages and walks of life. If you want something a little off the beaten path, here is your chance to join a great community with growing opportunities!

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