Five Points, situated in the city of Springboro, OH is a neighborhood like no other. Here you will find vibrant streets lined with small specialty shops and bars—all located within walking distance to each other. The local food scene pays homage to the area’s Midwest roots; however, if you are in the mood for some international flair there are plenty of options too. Community organizing and arts programs keep residents involved and connected to their small town roots. Perhaps one of Five Point’s greatest attractions is traveling down memory lane as many of the homes here have been restored to reflect the historical architecture of downtown Springboro. All these features along with its close proximity to other cities make Five Point a great place to call home!


Five Points is an incredibly diverse region in terms of demographics. Each ethnic group has a slightly different presence within the region; according to census data from 2019, close to 86% of Five Point’s population is white, while African Americans are the second largest group at around 8%, followed by Asians and Latinx individuals at slightly over 4%. Along with ethnicity, there are undeniable differences within socio-economic status as well. Though most households have at least one employed adult within them, more than 10% still live below the poverty line. All demographics aside, Five Points is widely known for its open-mindedness and hospitable people – a great place to make new friends or move into for prospective residents!


Education is an important part of life in Five Points. In order to ensure that its children get the best schooling experience possible, Five Points offers students access to multiple learning centers and schools operated by the Springboro Community City Schools district. These schools provide an academically focused curriculum and feature numerous extracurricular activities such as music lessons and debate teams that allow students to cultivate their interests outside of traditional classwork. Quality primary educators are also available in the area, with plenty of daycare facilities and preschools readily available throughout the neighborhood. Parents who want their child to excel in school can rest easy knowing that they can find excellent educational options for all grade levels within Five Points.


Five Points is a great destination for those seeking to experience and explore the beauty of rural Ohio. Being located only 20 miles from Dayton, with its vibrant city life, as well as 50 miles from Cincinnati and its unique attractions, Five Points is the perfect place for tourists to experience the best of both worlds. With recreational parks, paddling trails, horse riding facilities and wineries all close by, there are plenty of activities for even the most discerning traveler. From short day trips to longer weekend stays – or just a quick stop through – Five Points in Springboro has something for everyone looking to discover what rural America has to offer.

The Five Points offers a unique living experience. Overall, it offers a picturesque view and pleasant atmosphere, while also providing residents with the amenities they need to feel secure and comfortable. The area is full of friendly people who are often out walking or enjoying the local businesses. On top of that, it’s easy to get around due to its convenient location. Overall, Five Points is an ideal community for those looking for a pleasant living environment close to nearby cities.


In addition, if you’re looking for convenience, modern amenities, and easy access to all, look no further than the City Center Springboro. This highly sought-after area lies within walking distance to restaurants, downtown shops, and convenient services. If you are looking to work from home, spend an afternoon outdoors with friends and family, or just relax in peace and quiet – City Center is the place. Long streets boasting interesting architectural designs welcome visitors while manicured lawns and beautifully landscaped sidewalks really create a sense of luxury. If you want to take advantage of all the nuances Springboro has to offer, City Center is for you!

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