Riverside South is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood situated in Riverside, Ohio. It is located close to the historic downtown area and nearby major highways, providing residents easy access to all parts of the city. Residents enjoy being connected to the region’s many cultural resources including numerous museums, performing arts centers, and galleries. Moreover, there are plenty of recreational activities available such as hiking trails, parks, campgrounds and golf courses. The area also boasts a number of great restaurants serving excellent food from around the world. With its wonderful family-friendly atmosphere, Riverside South offers its residents an ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day’s work.


Riverside South is characterized by its diversity. It consists of a variety of different age groups and income brackets. The average household size is 2.9 and the average household income is around $45,000. Approximately 25% of residents are under 18 years old and more than 75% of people in Riverside South have obtained some type of higher education. Although the majority identify as Caucasian, the neighborhood also boasts a sizable Asian-American community, with close to 10% identifying as such. Finally, while most households own their own home, there are several apartment complexes located throughout Riverside South which provides an additional housing opportunity to those looking to move into the area. All in all, Riverside South offers something for everyone and its demographic make-up reflects this sentiment quite well.


Education in Riverside South is a highly valued asset for the neighborhood. The local district schools cater to about four thousand students ranging from prekindergarten to 8th grade. Parents can also opt for numerous private schools and academies throughout the area, giving parents more options when finding the right school fit for their children. With a well-rounded curriculum offering, additional resources, and numerous clubs and extracurricular activities, Riverside South schools give students an enriching educational experience that will foster a successful future. Learning doesn’t end after graduation, however; adult education classes offer community members further opportunities to explore their hobbies or gain job center skills. Thus, education in Riverside South offers many opportunities for growth and learning regardless of a person’s age.


The beauty of Riverside South is a desirable destination for vacationers from all around the world. There are plenty of sights to behold in this vibrant neighborhood as visitors will find themselves walking along Riverview Park with its open meadows and lush greenery. Not to be outdone is the finest collection of fine dining in the area that offers a unique taste experience. The diverse shopping opportunities provide guests with all types of products and services. For an excursion outside of town, there are several areas to explore such as Millenium Amusement Park and Riverside Forest Nature Preserve. With numerous activities available in the area, tourists have come to appreciate why Riverside South is aptly known as a charming tourist spot to experience Ohio’s beautiful landscape and culture.

Overall, Riverside South is an ideal neighborhood for those wanting to experience small-town vibes with big city convenience. Boasting a population of almost 30,000, you have opportunities to meet new people and make lasting connections, as well as have access to amazing amenities like great shopping and dining options. Regardless of your interests, there is something for everyone in this charming suburb located less than an hour outside of Columbus and Cleveland. With its safety record and warm, friendly atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Riverside South is becoming such a popular place to call home.


However, if you’re looking for a quality neighborhood, look no further than Forest Ridge Quail Hollow. This delightful community boasts a variety of desirable features such as quiet residential streets, well-manicured lawns, and an abundance of green spaces perfect for exercising or simply enjoying the outdoors. In addition to being located near many top-rated schools, it provides easy access to shopping centers and public transportation, so it’s a great choice for busy families. It’s also popular with retirees due to its secure environment and friendly neighbors. If you’re searching for the ideal place to live in Riverside, Forest Ridge Quail Hollow should be at the top of your list.

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