Walnut Hills is a vibrant neighborhood located in Oakwood, Ohio. Established many years ago as an exclusive suburb, Walnut Hills continues to prove its status as one of the most desirable locations in the area with its impressive recreational area, award-winning restaurants, and excellent schools. With its close proximity to Dayton, residents can find museums, parks, outdoor activities and community events like farmers markets in abundance. Whether looking for single-family homes or apartments, Walnut Hills offers something for everyone seeking a community atmosphere within easy access to city amenities. From start to finish, it’s no wonder why Walnut Hills has welcomed generations of residents who appreciate the convenience and charm of this timeless Midwest gem.


Walnut Hills is an affluent, historically diverse neighborhood. Its demographic makeup is heavily concentrated in Caucasian residents, with 81.2% of the population identifying as white according to the 2010 census data. The area also contains a significant Asian American presence at 11%, with the next greatest racial minority being African American at 5%. Walnut Hills has a median household income just above Oakwood’s average at $71,764 and an equally impressive educational attainment with 37.5% of the population having earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Other notable statistics include its relatively low unemployment rate of 2.8%, considerably lower than regionally and nationally reported averages.


Walnut Hills provides a unique educational opportunity for students in the community of Oakwood. At the Walnut Hills Elementary School, students have access to an innovative curriculum based on problem-solving and conversation-focused instruction. The school also offers a wide variety of after-school classes such as art, debate and community service programs. For older students, Walnut Hills High School offers challenging courses with collegiate level discussions facilitated by dedicated teachers. 

Their college preparation center helps those looking towards higher education refine their resumes and increase their chances of acceptance into top universities. All students benefit from small classroom sizes that allow teachers to provide personalized attention and foster a sense of community. Learning up close and personal has allowed hundreds of Walnut Hill alumni to succeed in their studies both inside and outside the walls of an academic institution.


Walnut Hills is a unique neighborhood that is home to dozens of independent shops, galleries and restaurants, it is an area rich in culture and character. With its vibrant attractions, there are an abundance of opportunities for visitors to explore and experience the local hospitality. There is so much to do – from exploring historic buildings, visiting art galleries, or sampling delicious cuisine from around the world – that a weekend trip to Walnut Hills can be both enjoyable and exciting.

Overall, Walnut Hills is an ideal neighborhood for anyone looking for prime real estate with beautiful scenery. The streets are bustling with nature, lined with well-kept houses, and the atmosphere is quiet yet inviting. It’s well connected to other parts of town thanks to the public transportation options, as well as a dense network of bike paths. Those living in Walnut Hills benefit from a variety of quality amenities like libraries, community centers, and local parks. All these elements make this wonderful neighborhood one of the most sought after in the region.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a charming, idyllic place to call home, look no further than the picturesque neighborhood of Belmont. Situated near rolling hills and abundant natural beauty, Belmont is an excellent choice for those who prioritize living close to nature. Its well-maintained homes and streets provide a safe environment for its residents, while the local shops and restaurants create a sense of community that encourages support among families.

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