City Center is a vibrant neighborhood located in Xenia, OH. If you’re looking for easy access to local attractions and entertainment, then City Center is the perfect place to call home! The streets are lined with shops and restaurants, making it an ideal destination for those who enjoy hearing music in the evenings or going out to explore the local areas. It’s also a great spot for outdoor recreation, with plenty of trees and parks scattered throughout the city center. If you’re searching for an active community close to major cities such as Dayton and Cincinnati, City Center is a great option.


City Center is a bustling hub of activity and multiculturalism. Home to around 10,800 residents, the population comprises a diverse range of ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. 49% of the population identify as White, with 26% African American, 17% Native American and 7% other ethnicities making up the remaining quarter. Of this demographic, the majority are female at 54%, compared to 46% male. City Center has a median household income of $46,314 USD and an average household size of 2.4 individuals. It’s no wonder that City Center remains such an attractive destination for many families.


City Center is known for its excellent educational opportunities. Whether you seek higher education or primary schooling, you’ll find they offer an array of options. The local college in the heart of the city center offers a range of associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs at a cost-effective tuition rate. Alongside that, Xenia also has several kindergartens and elementary schools available for young children living within the area. In addition to these, a variety of extracurricular activities are offered after school hours from chess clubs to Spanish classes and more.


City Center is a popular destination for tourists, offering a wide array of activities and attractions. From the nationally recognized Heritage Trail to the beautiful parks, locals and visitors alike can explore the area’s rich culture and history. Visitors can browse unique shops downtown, take part in festivals and local events, or simply take a stroll along the tree-lined streets – all within easy walking distance. 

There are plenty of places to eat from fine dining restaurants to casual cafes, offering delicious food that everyone can enjoy. The City Center is also home to several regional art galleries which showcase different talents of Ohio-based artists. For those who love hiking, there are trails leading directly into the nearby forests providing a tranquil escape from city life.

Overall, City Center is a great neighborhood that has a little something for everyone. The variety of housing options, many stores and restaurants within walking distance, and convenient location close to downtown make it an ideal place to live. Local parks provide ample recreational activities and the community is vibrant with year-round events. City Center seems to have it all, making it one of the top neighborhoods in Xenia, OH.


Additionally, if you are looking for a lively neighborhood to relocate to, Xenia South is the ideal choice. Boasting a variety of shops and restaurants for your convenience, this area also has an array of leisure activities available including parks and golf courses. If you have children, there are numerous elementary schools which provide an excellent education. The homes in the area are affordable and range from single family dwellings to townhouses. If you want a safe and friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy life then Xenia South is the perfect place for you.

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