Monroe is an up-and-coming neighborhood located near Xenia, Ohio. Home to a wide variety of residents, this city provides plenty to do while remaining small enough for everyone to feel welcomed and welcomed. From parks to boutiques, Monroe offers endless activities that make the perfect weekend getaway or short family trip. The locals here are friendly and the eateries rival those of the best big cities. With its emerging downtown district, Monroe has certainly become a bustling area bursting with energy and providing something for everyone.


The population of Monroe was estimated to be 2,355 people as of 2018 and a steady increase can be seen since then. This quiet neighborhood consists of mostly families; 66% of the population are married couples, compared to 33% unmarried. There is also evidence that most residents in Monroe own their homes: 86% are home owners and only 11% live in rental properties. Additionally, according to data from 2020, the median household income is $45,511 and a large portion (32%) holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Monroe is growing steadily and its demographics are reflective of its peaceful location–a great place for families looking for a safe community to raise their children.


Education in Monroe is highly rated. The recent census estimates indicate that this area is served by five nearby public schools as well as four private institutions. All of these offer elementary to high school education and boast higher graduation rates than the state averages. Furthermore, there are three post-secondary educational institutions located within a radius of 10 miles for those seeking higher education options such as a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. Families seeking quality education for their children need look no further than Monroe for their educational needs.


Monroe is quickly becoming a popular spot for tourists. The small-town feel of the community mixed with a variety of shopping and dining destinations have made it an ideal travel destination. Outdoor activities abound in Monroe, with easy access to Indian Lake and several nearby parks hosting miles of trails for biking and running. The warm summer months also bring beautiful sunsets over the lake, which usually draw large crowds eager to take in the beautiful views.

Overall, Monroe is an excellent neighborhood to live in for people of all lifestyles. With its convenient location, there is something for everyone. The neighborhood features various amenities such as parks, playgrounds, and a large public library. In addition, the friendly locals add to the charm of this wonderful community. Whether you’re young or old, single or married with children – Monroe has something to offer you.


City Center Xenia is a great neighborhood that has a little something for everyone. The variety of housing options, many stores and restaurants within walking distance, and convenient location close to downtown make it an ideal place to live. Local parks provide ample recreational activities and the community is vibrant with year-round events. City Center seems to have it all, making it one of the top neighborhoods in Xenia, OH.

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