Xenia East is a neighborhood in Xenia, Ohio. Located to the east of downtown, this residential area is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable residence near all of the activities that come with city life. Residents love being able to quickly access parks, museums, and other entertainment venues. Local businesses provide convenient services such as go-to eateries and small supermarkets. Although this neighborhood is quiet and relatively low-key, it offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation – trails, playgrounds, and courts all make it easy to stay active while living in Xenia East. With its variety of amenities and central location to downtown Xenia, there’s no question why so many people call this neighborhood home.


Xenia East is a dynamic and rapidly growing neighborhood. It has seen its population swell since the turn of the century and now stands with an estimated 22,344 people in residence. A diverse city, 62% of residents are classified as Caucasian, 16% African American, 10% Hispanic or Latino American, 2% Asian American and 5% mixed race; 7% identified as belonging to other races. The majority of its households are made up of married couples and single parent homes comprising 34%, while non-family households make up 32%. With a median age of 35 years old and median income standing at an impressive $55k per year, Xenia East is becoming one of the most desirable neighborhoods that Xenia has to offer.


Xenia East is known for its excellent educational system. The public schools in the area are consistently rated as highly performing and have received a number of awards from the Ohio Department of Education in recent years. Furthermore, academic achievement and performance among the students enrolled in the schools continues to be high. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, an array of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and theater are offered which help to create a well-rounded educational environment for children to develop their skills beyond the classroom. All these features combined make Xenia East a premier choice for those seeking quality education in a warm and welcoming community.


Xenia East neighborhood, located in Xenia, OH, provides a unique experience for tourists looking for something outside of the typical vacation. With its quaint shops, charming cafés and wide range of activities available, it’s easy to spend a day—or more—exploring the area. Visitors can catch a show at the local theater or browse one-of-a-kind items at Xenia East’s numerous vintage stores. For those looking to take advantage of the outdoors, they can venture out on an excursion through nearby parks and hiking trails, ending with a captivating sunset over Xenia Lake. Plus, there are always special events hosted throughout the year that add to the lively atmosphere.

Overall, Xenia East is a vibrant neighborhood that is boasting plenty of family-friendly amenities. It offers its residents access to excellent schools, a variety of restaurants and shopping centers, local theater productions and festivals to enjoy, as well as other recreational activities such as golfing and hiking trails. The area also has easy access to downtown Dayton for work or leisure purposes. Xenia East is the perfect place for people who want a safe community with plenty of fun activities and convenient amenities.


Additionally, if you’re ever looking for a cozy, picturesque neighborhood where the streets are lined with tall trees and you’ll feel right at home, then Monroe is the perfect spot for you. It offers convenient access to Route 4 and many of the popular stores and restaurants in town. An outdoor enthusiast’s dream, it also has multiple parks and trails nearby to explore whenever you have extra time on your hands. Plus, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment around town, Monroe is the ideal place to call home.

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